Looking for a Publisher?

SparkPub Media is a traditional publishing company with a digital twist. Ebooks and new technologies in book printing have made it possible for authors and publishers to produce books in smaller quantities at reasonable costs. Still, not every author is interested in self-publishing, so SparkPub Media is bridging the gap between traditional publishing and the self-publishing world. Now authors can have the expertise and expanded reach of an experienced publisher, while retaining the control and higher revenue of the self-publishing model.

We offer:

  • 50% royalty paid on net revenue for digital books and print-on-demand books sold…MUCH higher than traditional publishing
  • 20% royalty paid on net revenue for books sold in traditional sales channels (mass market, retail stores, etc.)…the SAME or HIGHER than traditional publishing
  • 50/50% royalty split for contracts sold to other publishing houses
  • A higher level of control for the author for cover design, editorial decisions, and marketing
  • Marketing assistance as you build your platform
  • NO development (or any other) costs for the author, now or in the future

SparkPub Media is a talent incubator. We start small, giving lesser-known authors a chance and keeping distribution costs low. At some point when your book begins to sell higher quantities, it will become eligible for full-scale distribution.

To publish with us, please go to the Manuscript page to submit your manuscript. We look forward to working with you!

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